Mahatma Gandhi

His actual name was Mohan Das Karm Chand Gandhi . Some people call him BAPPUgandhi2. But in constitution or in law this designation holds no validity. If we think in logical way then any hundreds or hundred fifty years old person can’t be the father of that nation whose history goes back to 17 lakh 25 thousand years . Gandhi played a role in struggle for freedom but his support to khilafat Andolan gave rise to islamic algaovad which resulted in partition of AkhandBharat gandhi3_smallin three parts east pakistan , west Pakistan and Bharat. After partition on the basis of religion the short-sightedness of Gandhi and Nehru kept muslims in the part which was meant for non muslims only . Now India is facing so many troubles in Kashmir Ghati , Assam and many other parts of India due to islamic terrorism . If Nathu Ram Godse would have killed him 10 years back then neither AkhandBharat have been divided nor India would have been facing so serious problems due to islamic Gagoipopulation explosion . Many of the people may have different views but it is the reality that Gandhi and Nehru always insulted great revolutionaries like shahid Bhagat Singh, Shahid Chandra shekhar Azadshaheedand many others . This number of revolutionaries goes up to 7 lacks but our intellectual slave persons gave importance only to nehru- soniya-1Gandhi family . we citizens must take pledge to get freedom from this intellectual slavery and we must work hard to achieve the targets of our beloved revolutionaries’ who sacrificed their everything including life, for the freedom and betterment of our Holy Motherland BHARAT MATA .Bharat man


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