Arya youths now awake. Beware! There’s too much at stake.
Dharma is in critical state. Rise up now, it is not too late.

Shanti, we chant from age to age. For man is one, told our saint and sage.
History has taught us though, my friend, the world won’t ever the weak defend.

Amongst the aryas massses once, no dearth of saint nor dearth of sage.
Of all mankind we esconded, foremost on world’s vast stage.

The Saffron Flag of Dharma calls. Man! Woman! One and all!
Dharma’s flag will never fall, while we live, not at all.

In our veins flow the blood of Raam, in our minds resound the song of Shyaam.
Higher than Dharma nought is there, higher than Self is Dharma dear.

For Dharma’s sake this life may go, Dharma for weal, Dharma for woe.



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